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    "Now, someone explain to me why some of the best traditional klezmer is coming from Germany? For those of us waiting on a next fix from Budowitz or Khevrisa, Fialke steps into the breach. ..."
Ari Davidow,

Listen to live sounds of Fialke at Soundcloud

A special pleasure to listen to ...
Fialke enchants its audience with the sound of a Jewish wedding from times when Yiddish culture was alive throughout Eastern Europe. A fresh music full of warmth, love of live and longing, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes unostentatious, sometimes dreamful. With virtuosity and a jolly vitality Fialke presents a rough archaic Klezmer that moves the heart and makes the legs move, too.

Since 2009 Fialke appears with a new bandmember and the sound of two fiddles: Mark Kovnatskiy, a young Russian virtuoso devil's fiddler and master of the old Yiddish fiddle style comes for Joachim Pohl. In his luggage he brings also original pieces of his own to enrich the group's repertoire.

Appearances (amongs others)
Fürth, Internationales Klezmerfestival
Hasselt/Belgien, Festival van Flanderen
Salzgitter, Klezmerfestival
Idstein, Hessenjazzfestival
Erlangen, E-Werk
Nuremberg, Villa Leon
Freiburg, Fest der Innenhöfe
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Cranach-Hof
Würzburg, Hochschule für Musik
Regensburg, Vitusfest
Straubing, Historischer Rathaussaal
Bamberg, E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Theater
Schweinfurt, Disharmonie and Nacht der Kultur

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