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     "Rapturous applause was the thank for the superb musicians of Fialke. Monika Feil with the 'fidl' and her charisma and gorgeous singing enthused the audience. The strong sweet voice of the singer stirred the audience - 'freylekh zol undz zayn' - a song which invites musicians, dancers and audience to join in so that heaven and earth are hopping with joy. The clarinet was masterly and empatheticly played by Joachim Pohl, the accordion (brilliant: Emuk Kungl) caressed and gave the rhythm. The bass played by the good humoured Tomasz Radomski layed down the harmonic foundations of the music. As the musicians were more and more swept away so was the audience."
     Pegnitzer Zeitung

     "Monika Feil is an expert for eastern European Music and belongs to the few Klezmer violinists who still play the traditional fidl style that makes the violin laugh and cry, sob and sigh."
     Nordbayerische Nachrichten

     "Klezmer music, originally the wedding music of the Ashkenazic Jews of eastern Europe, is booming world-wide. In Germany, too, a countless number of groups have been founded over the last years. Fialke is among the top performers of the scene. Fialke consists of four excellent musicians who take the audience along on a tightrope walk between rompish-ecstatic vitality and melancholic inwardness."
     Marburger Neue Zeitung

     "Fialke inspired the numerous listeners with their straight interpretation of Klezmer music. The musicians generate a very original and archaic sound and make their instruments laugh but also cry and portray an atmosphere very close to a (then still existing) Jewish village somewhere in Russia or Poland."
     Fränkischer Tag

     "The Klezmer band around singer Monika Feil elated the audience from the first to the last note. Their high vitality made the evening a lasting experience."
     Schweinfurter Tagblatt

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